Fastest Snake

Insight into the World’s Fastest Snake

Even if you have a fear of snakes, you have to admit that this creature is fascinating, especially when it comes to the world’s fastest snake.  Interestingly, snakes are much like any other animal in that they eat, go to the bathroom, have families, and feel pain.  While large snakes in the United States are often kept for pets, such as the Python and Boa Constrictor, as you begin looking at snakes from other countries, you really begin to see the magnificence of this animal.

Without doubt, the world’s fastest snake is the Black Mamba, which is also very aggressive.  This snake lives in the southern most part of Africa in a tropical setting.  People have heard stories of the Black Mamba for years, about how mean and fast the snake is and while some people think these stories are nothing more than good folklore, the stories are true.

For instance, the reason the Black Mamba is known as the world’s fastest snake is that they can reach speeds of 12 miles per hour.  Although rumors have circulated that this snake can easily outrun and overtake a horse, this is a bit of a stretch.  However, being able to reach its top speed is impressive.  Keep in mind that the Black Mamba cannot move this fast for long periods, instead moving with short bursts of speed.

Another intriguing fact about the world’s fastest snake is that due to its name, you would assume it is black but in truth, the Black Mamba is a dark gray.  The name actually comes from the black color on the inside of the mouth.  When it feels threatened or provoked, the Black Mamba opens wide, using its massive size and mouth to create fear.  Growing up to 14 feet long, this particular snake is not one you would take lightly.

When the world’s fastest snake moves, it races along the ground, keeping its head and about one-third of the body off the ground.  Even the way it moves is enough to demand respect.  The Black Mamba is also a great hunter, often preying on birds.  This snake will initially bite its prey and then leave it to die.  Because the venom is so powerful, the dead prey is dead within minutes.  Now, if the Black Mamba were to bite a human, the venom would still be enough to cause death but it would take about four hours.

Not only is the Black Mamba the fastest snake on the planet it is also one of the largest.  When eating prey, this snake can fit food four times the size of its head inside the mouth.  To accomplish this, the lower jaw is dislocated.  Obviously, this snake would never be one to keep as a pet since studies show that a bite from the Black Mamba is fatal 100% of the time.

The Black Mamba is the world’s fastest snake, one of the largest, and one of the most dangerous.  For this reason, the best way to watch in awe as this type of snake goes after prey is on the nature channel on television.