Snake Vivariums

Assembling Snake Vivariums

Cages or snake enclosures are other words for snake vivariums. It is the housing that is used to keep a pet snake in. It is necessary to keep certain items inside and out of the snake vivariums, so that the snake can remain healthy. Different types of snakes may need slightly different items but they all need these basic items to survive.

The snake vivariums usually start with aquariums. When you purchase your snake, you can ask how big it will be when it fully matures and use an aquarium that is big enough to hold the snake. You will also want the aquarium to be very deep. The heat source and light is usually directly over the tank, so you will want the snake to have the option of being nearer or farther away from the heat source. You will also need a snap on wire mesh cover for the top of the cage. This cover should snap on and stay secure so that the snake cannot escape from the top of the cage. The wire mesh lets the air circulate throughout the cage but make sure there are no loose or sharp wires present that could cut or injure the snake.

All snake vivariums need a heat source. It is used to keep the temperature warm within the cage area. Incandescent lights hung over the top of the cage are considered the best source but it would be helpful to add another type of heat source underneath the cage. You can use a heating pad to do this because at night you will want to turn off the over head lighting. There are several choices when it comes to these lights and they are available at any pet center. They include heat emitters, heated panels or other types of incandescent lighting. You can choose whatever method works for you and you should thoroughly test your method out before placing the snake in the cage. Make sure that the temperatures remain consistent at all times.

You can place a secondary heat source outside of the cage for a basking light. It helps to place a large rock on one side of the cage. Snakes love to naturally sit on rocks and take in sunlight, so place the rock and the light on one side of the cage. The snake will eventually move to this area for more warmth.

Humidity plays in important role in keeping a snake healthy. You can purchase a humidity gauge at your local pet store to make sure the animals have the correct amount of moisture in the air. If they don’t, you will have to purchase either a fogging or misting equipment for your vivarium.

You can use shredded newspaper as bedding for the bottom of your cage. You can also use aspen bedding or forest bark. Remember to never use shredded cedar to line out the bottom of the cage. It contains cedar oil which is highly toxic to snakes and it can also cause severe lungs problems.

Snakes like to hide away if they become frightened or tired, so it may be a good idea to place a small cardboard box inside the cage. Make the opening large enough for the snake to crawl into and the box should be big enough for the snake to curl up in. Another important item for your vivarium is a solid large tree branch. Make sure it is big enough to reach from the bottom to the top of the cage. The snake can get exercise crawling on it and he can also get some quick heat if it becomes chilled. The branch will allow it to move closer to the heat source.